Claire Morduch
Non-profit Consultant


Claire Morduch brings a wealth of experience consulting to a variety of nonprofit organizations from across a range of sectors. She uses a combination of process and quantitative skills to collect and distill large amounts of information from a variety of perspectives, and provides a meaningful and useable analysis. Her goal is to help nonprofits create organizations that are better able to meet their mission. She does this through work directly with nonprofits as well as by consulting to foundations and community development finance institutions which focus on affordable housing, creating jobs, alleviating injustice and improving lives. Claire is as much at home with financial and impact analysis as with issues of planning, organizational culture, leadership and management systems. She is particularly attentive to the kinds of information, processes and support that different types of groups need to function effectively.

Claire works with:

After 10 years of management in nonprofit and both traditional and worker-owned for-profit settings, Claire attended the Yale School of Management and earned an MPPM. After graduate school, Claire turned to nonprofit consulting, in order to help make progressive social change organizations more effective. She was with BWB Solutions for over fifteen years, leaving as Associate Partner. In 2009, Claire left consulting for a nonprofit agency, spending four and one-half years as Director of Finance and Administration at Connecticut Voices for Children. She returned to nonprofit consulting as an independent consultant beginning in 2014.